How to Transfer Photos from Galaxy S22 to Computer

transfer photos from galaxy s22 to computer

There are times when you need to transfer your data and files from your smartphone to your computer or laptop for a backup. In order to do so, there are a few ways that you can try and all of them are easy. It takes only a few minutes to move your data and Photos from your Samsung device to your computer. In this article, … Read more

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How to Change Refresh Rate on Galaxy S22

change refresh rate on galaxy s22

Samsung Galaxy S22 series is a smartphone device with a lot of great features. The screen itself is superb, but it is getting so much better with another important feature, such as adaptive refresh rate. With this feature, the refresh rate of your smartphone screen will change automatically based on the running application. If you want to change refresh rate on Galaxy S22, follow the … Read more

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How to Screen Mirror Galaxy S22 to TV Easily

screen mirror galaxy s22 to tv

Screening a smartphone to television is a smart way to watch television from a smartphone link. You can screen a mirror to television from Samsung Galaxy S22. These are some ways on how to screen mirror Galaxy S22 to TV. It works with Samsung smart television. Screen mirroring Galaxy S22 to TV using Smart View Most smart televisions will have a notification when a smartphone … Read more

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How to Force Stop Apps on Galaxy S22 when Frozen

force stop apps on galaxy s22

Force stop apps on Galaxy S22 should be the last thing to do when users find out that the phone doesn’t work and the app freezes. But, whenever it is not necessary, then it is recommended to close each app, one at a time. This is to ensure that the phone processor doesn’t have to load too many apps at the same time. It doesn’t … Read more

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