How to Activate Blue Light Filter on Galaxy S22 Series

activate blue light filter on galaxy s22

You need to know how to activate blue light filter on Galaxy S22 because you want to keep your eyes comfortable when using your smartphone in a low-light environment. Can you turn on the blue light filter on your Samsung Galaxy S22? Steps to activate Blue Light Filter on your Samsung S22 Are you ready to activate the blue light filter on your Samsung Galaxy … Read more

How to Change the Default Screenshot Format on Galaxy S22

screenshot format on galaxy s22

Knowing how to change the default screenshot format on Galaxy S22 can be very beneficial to you, especially if you value your time and energy. Changing the screenshot format one by one can be very tiresome. That is why you need to know how to set the default screenshot format to meet your needs. Steps to change the default screenshot format on your Galaxy S22 … Read more

How to Set Individual Ringtones on Samsung S22 Series

set individual ringtones on samsung s22

Galaxy S22 is one of the most favorite Samsung series. It has some advanced specifications making you use this smartphone satisfyingly. You can set an individual ringtone on Samsung S22. It makes you comfortable when you have a unique ringtone helping you to identify who’s calling. You can do this easily with the ways on how to set individual ringtones on Samsung S22. These ways are … Read more

How to Schedule Text Message on Galaxy S22 Series

schedule text message on galaxy s22

You might be strange with the concept of scheduling a text message. However, it turns out to be very handy. Scheduled text messages allow you to delay sending a text message. Perhaps you want to avoid disturbing the text receivers when you text them during nighttime. Maybe you just want to write an urgent text in case you’re extremely busy that day. So, without further … Read more

How to Restrict Background Data Usage on Galaxy S22 Series

restrict background data usage on galaxy s22

Spending money on a phone’s data bill isn’t fun. Especially if you’re frequently charged with various bills. So, maybe it’s time to take action to save some money. Using public Wi-Fi can be a good option, but they’re not available everywhere. Therefore, restricting data usage is the only option that you can do. Here are the steps to restrict background data usage on Galaxy S22. … Read more

How to Take Scrolling Screenshot on Galaxy S22 Series

scrolling screenshot on galaxy s22

Are you looking for ways to capture scrolling screenshot on Galaxy S22? Most smartphone users surely use the screenshot feature quite often. They use this feature for a variety of purposes. This screenshot feature has been around on Android and iOS devices for a long time, including on Samsung S22. However, scrolling screenshot is a new feature. In fact, Google is yet to enable scrolling … Read more

How to Reset Galaxy S22 Setting Without Deleting Any Data

reset galaxy s22 setting

Do you have a problem when trying to reset the configuration on your Galaxy S22? If so, you don’t have to worry anymore. This guide is created to specifically solve your very problems. Despite the top-notch hardware, Samsung Galaxy S22 is still very prone to software glitches and errors. Resetting the configuration might solve your problem. So, here’s how to reset Galaxy S22 setting without … Read more

How to Wipe Cache Partition Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

wipe cache partition samsung galaxy s22

The cache is temporary data stored to quickly recall related information when you open an app on your phone. To put it simply, cached data is created to make the app’s performance smoother. A cache can be handy for specific situations. However, leaving cached data for too long will consume a lot of storage space on your Galaxy S22. So, it is essential to wipe … Read more

How to Fix Slow Running Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Easily

fix slow running samsung galaxy s22

You may be complaining because your Samsung Galaxy S22 is so slow. It can be because you are using too many applications. You don’t realize that those applications keep running in the background. The information below guides you to know how to fix slow running Samsung Galaxy S22. 4 Effective tricks to fix slow running Galaxy S22 Before you try out below recommendations as to … Read more