How to Hard Reset and Factory Reset Galaxy S22 and Things to Do Before Applying It

There is a case where you can’t do anything with your Samsung Galaxy S22. The most possible thing you can do to fix it is by using a factory reset method. A factory reset method means that you force the phone to restore to its original factory settings. At the same time, it erases all the data in the process. Here are the steps to do a factory reset Galaxy S22.

Hard Reset on Samsung Galaxy S22

The way to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy S22 is straightforward. Find the buttons on the right side of the device. It consists of power and volume buttons. Press the power and volume down buttons at once for a few seconds.

hard reset galaxy s22

This method is the same when you want to screenshot content on the screen. The difference is that you should hold the buttons until you see the Samsung logo. Release the buttons once you see the logo.

That’s it! The system works to reset the Galaxy S22 and turn on it again with the factory setting. This process doesn’t delete any data and application as long as it is not in the installing or downloading process.

Factory Data Reset Galaxy S22

Sometimes, a soft and factory reset is not enough to solve the problem. So, you should also learn how to reset the Galaxy S22 to the factory data. You would better create a backup of the data to the cloud before resetting the data to the factory setting. The process may delete or change the data on the phone because it will be back to the first factory setting.

Backup the Data on Galaxy S22

Go to the setting app and find out the accounts and backup option. Tap the option to get two options, Samsung Cloud and Google Drive. Choose one of them based on the account you want to use to back up the data.

back up galaxy s22

Tap the backup now button when you are ready. Wait until the process is completed. You will see a progress bar during the backup process. It will disappear when the process is done.

Reset Galaxy S22 to the Factory Setting

Tap on the setting app and find out the general management option. Then, tap the reset option and factory data reset options. Find the reset option on the bottom of the screen and tap it. The system starts to reset the device.

factory reset galaxy s22

It takes a few minutes to complete. The result of the factory reset Galaxy S22 is the same as when you turned on the phone for the first time. You can use this phone just like a brand new one or restore the backup you have made before.

Factory data reset Galaxy S22 is only for urgent conditions when there is nothing you can do with the phone. It can be an effective way to solve any problem since the setting back to default from the company and removes any process that makes your phone stop working. Bring the phone to the legal technicians if this trick doesn’t work.

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