How to Fix Slow Running Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Easily

You may be complaining because your Samsung Galaxy S22 is so slow. It can be because you are using too many applications. You don’t realize that those applications keep running in the background. The information below guides you to know how to fix slow running Samsung Galaxy S22.

fix slow running samsung galaxy s22

4 Effective tricks to fix slow running Galaxy S22

Before you try out below recommendations as to your solution, be sure to check if your device’s software is updated with latest version.

  • Close All Apps in the Background

In case there are too many apps that cause the Samsung Galaxy S22 to slow, you should close all of them. The first step to do is tap the recent apps key. This key helps to view all the running apps on the phone. The next step is looking for the close option and tapping it to quit the running apps. Now, try to operate the phone and feel the difference before and after closing all the running apps.

end running applications galaxy s22

  • Force Start the Samsung Galaxy S22

Force start is another simple solution to fix slow running Samsung Galaxy S22 if closing all apps is not working. The slowing performance can be because of a minor system glitch. It happens when the phone is online for a long time.

The phone system will refresh the memory after force restarting it. The easiest way to force start the Samsung Galaxy S22 is holding the volume down and side key together in a few seconds to launch the Samsung logo on the screen.

galaxy s22 force restart

Release the buttons and the system will automatically reboot. Wait until the process is complete and use the phone. You will feel a significant difference after doing it. The speed is faster than before.

  • Reset the Settings

How to fix slow running Samsung Galaxy S22 if the two options don’t help? Check the setting and reset it. This solution is safe because the system will not delete the files and data. The purpose of resetting the setting is to bring the device system back to the default configuration.

This problem may happen because you are managing inappropriate settings. Go to the settings option on the Samsung Galaxy S22. Then, go to the bottom of the screen to find the general management option.

Go to the reset to view the reset options and tap the reset all settings option. Hit the reset settings to validate the process. Remember to enter the security lock and tap the reset settings.

  • Factory Reset the Phone

Resetting the Samsung Galaxy S22 based on the factory system also works effectively. Ensure that you create a backup before doing this setting to keep important files and data. This process may delete files and data.

factory reset galaxy s22

Once the backup is ready, you can start resetting the Samsung Galaxy S22 by opening the settings app. Scroll down the screen to find the general management option and tap it. Find the reset option to get all reset options.

You will see the factory data reset in this section. Tap it and scroll down the screen to tap the reset option. Hit the delete all and enter a password and tap the done button to process the reset. Remember to set up the phone as a new device. It is also an effective alternative on how to fix slow running Samsung Galaxy S22.

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